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Learn more about Slide-N-Pump

Introducing SLIDE-N-PUMP™...

At one-third the price of electrical pumps, the versatile Slide-N-Pump makes short work of
pumping or siphoning water anywhere, all without the need of or danger associated with electricity and water.

Easy to Pump
The Slide-N-Pump is so easy to use. Simply attach a standard garden hose to both ends, insert the open hose-end into any volume of water [or other liquids] and Slide-N-Pump it away. (A short intake hose is recommended for optimum pumping.)

Easy to Siphon
The Slide-N-Pump is the only product of its kind on the market because it also acts as a siphon initiator. Attach a standard garden hose to both ends and use the
Slide-N-Pump to initiate the siphon.  Once water starts flowing, it will continue.  (A long intake hose is recommended for siphoning, as well as removal of Slide-N-Pump once flow is initiated).

Tons of Uses
The Slide-N-Pump is great for professionals, homeowners and hobbyists. 

Some common uses include:

 • Aquariums • Utility Meters         
• Decorative Ponds • Boats
 • Hot-Tubs • Toilets • Bird Baths • Basements
 • Standing Water            
• Post Holes
• Clogged Gutters • Canoes
 • Children's Pool
• Crawl Space
• Shallow Wells • Clogged Drains
 • Fountains    

Two Convenient Sizes
Slide-N-Pump is available in two convenient sizes:




Suggested For:

Standard 25"

22 fluid oz.

Larger Volumes
Mini 18" 12 fluid oz. Space Constrained Areas

Both sizes are portable enough to carry or store most anywhere. Keep one in your garage or shed and the other in your car or boat.

For more on using the Slide-N-Pump in different situations and basic care, please go to our Slide-N-Pump TIPS Page.

Product Specifications

Slide-N-Pump™ is under 3" in diameter and 25" (Standard) or 18" (Mini) long.  Weighing approximately 1.5lbs, Slide-N-Pump stores easily and its components are made of specially formulated, lightweight plastics and rubbers that provide superior strength while ensuring long term performance.

Your Story

We’d love to hear how you are using your Slide-N-Pump and any significant time or cost savings you’d like to share*. Feel free to include a photo showing your uses for or projects completed with the Slide-N-Pump.
Click here to share your story.

* All submitted photos, quotes and messages
will become property of K & M of Virginia, Inc. for website display and marketing purposes.


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