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What customers are saying about SLIDE-N-PUMP™...

“This tool is awesome for all gardening needs to clean birdbaths, cleaning small outdoor fish ponds and refilling ponds, as well as indoor aquariums.  I was so excited about the ease of use and how quickly I was able to do the things I had been putting off.  I was able to empty a 35 gallon container of fresh, clean water to my fish pond after pumping out 35 gallons of dirty, murky water from the pond. This tool is wonderful!” – John Barnett

“No more sucking on a hose to get a siphon started. Attaches easily to a hose and works very quickly. I used the Slide-N-Pump to drain water off my pool cover. No more electrical pumps.” – Lenny Peterson

“I had to drain a 100 gallon water trough. I normal have to hand dip with a 5 gallon bucket because the drain faucet is broken. The Slide-N-Pump worked great - I was able to attach a short hose to the intake end and a very long hose on the other end allowing the water to drain into the pasture instead of around the trough. Worked very efficiently and quickly. I would definitely recommend this product to others.” – Jacqueline Gay

“Very easy to use even for an older person.  It is durable and compact.  Easy to store, clean & many, many uses.” – Dolores Nier

“I RECOMMEND this product. It saves time and is easy to use, just attach two water hoses one on each end ,pay attention to direction of flow and after a few pumps siphon effect takes over and it does it's job.” – Saloma Lawrimore

“Every home should have one.  Has many uses. Takes up no storage space and is fast to assemble.  Thanks for the opportunity to test this product.” - Patricia Benson

“I have always had to scoop the bottom of my pool because it wouldnt drain it took forever and was hard work, the Slide pump was awesome I just hooked up the hoses and was amazed at how easy it was to use.” – Rebecca Goodwin

“This product worked well in any water situation I used it in. It's easy to use, portable and was easy to maintain.” – Tina Ghorley

“It did not take too much time to do the job. I like this thing!” – Shirley Covarelli

“I used it to drain a Koi pond for cleaning.  It worked like a charm.  I was amazed at how easy it was to use.” – Charles LeBase

“I have a pool cover and we are always getting standing water on top of our cover and is very hard to get the water off. This pump is GREAT; works good and in very little time and the water is gone (runs off in my yard). If I can use it anybody can use it.” – D. Randy Robertson

“The Slide-N-Pump is very simple to use. Easy to attach the hose to each end and very easy to start the siphoning action. I would recommend this product to any one that needed to drain water, from a hole to an aquarium. It works well.” – Albert Diedrich, Jr.

“I used the pump to empty my above ground pool. This beats last year when I got a mouthful of pool water when I started the siphoning with my garden hose.” – Robert Schwarzendruber

“Piece of cake - now we can drain even the corners of the fountain basin.” – Susan Alvaro

“Should have been invented years ago.” – Annette Doe

“It worked very well at keeping a siphon, even with a 50-foot garden hose.” – Beverly Mewhorter

“This is a quick and effective device that will pump water from a standing source. It is easy to attach and pump. I think it is a quality product.” – Evelyn Green

“Since we own a Hot Tub which has about 350gals this product works great when we need to drain and refill.  The pump works well and then you can revert to the siphon technique which just does its thing.  I strongly recommend this product because it's easy to use, easy to store and easy to clean.” – Buford Pennington

“This thing is better than sliced bread.  I used it to remove water from a wading pool that my ducks use and it was fantastic.  No more bending over and dipping a bucket in the water, then straightening up and pouring the water out in the driveway.  Saves my back. It was easy to put together and stored beautifully.  I highly recommend this inexpensive tool to anyone that has to remove water from something that is too heavy or too fragile to lift.” – RoseAnn Gregory

“Very handy of the jobs of emptying water areas such as garden ponds, standing water, hot tub, etc, Easy to use and a well-made product.” – Annis Hill

“This product is really easy to use, just hook up a hose and pump away. Great for when you don't want to use something electric around water.” – Robert Dingfelder

“An easy tool to move water from one area to another.  If you have a flooded kitchen or kitchen sink that will not drain this removes water quick and easy.” – Lorraine Dixon

“Great too to have handy. Easy to use and portable.” – Christine Dowdy

“I used the Slide-N-Pump 5 or 6 times to siphon water from hot tub and koi pond. It worked very well and made the job easier.” – Patsy Mowery

“I loved it... it came in handy when I needed to pump out water in a hurry! Haven't found any excuses NOT to use it.. as things arise I'm finding a lot of uses for the Slide-N-Pump!” – Don Dorminey, Jr.

“I used it on a large puddle of water that always gathers on my front lawn-it pumped it all out. very impressed, and I'm sure I will find many uses for this product. Thumbs up!” – Larry Tinsley

“I have a water garden and this pump worked for the garden. I like it because you don’t have to use a big pump all the time because I have fish. You don’t hurt the fish.” – Becky Gibby

“I drained my 3 outside fountains in a jiffy and was able to direct the water where I wanted it to go. So I used the water to water a lot of my trees and not just send it down the drain.” – David Armine

“Easy to use, and works as good as similar electric models.  In fact, after a few hand pumps once the water started to flow, it was just as good if not better than the 2hp electric pump I already have. Additionally, it is less expensive than an electric pump, and does the same job.” – Jaime Orejan

“We have multiple fish tanks and a pond. The Slide-N-Pump made it very easy for water changes in all our tanks.” – Sandra Marks

“I had water in the bottom of my dishwasher and was able to siphon the water out with no problem.” – Dolores Frias

“I found it very useful when after a rain water collected in my driveway. using the slide pump I transferred the driveway water to my potted plants.” – Barbara Hook

“Made a simple task of removing water from my birdbath prior to a recent freeze. Also worked great when replacing a toilet.” – Brent Wheeler

“My husband scoffed at it until he tried it. He instantly threw out our other hand-pump.” – Peggy Lassing

“It makes it easy to get the water out. I have sump pumps but they don't get all the water out so I used the Slide-n-Pump to draw the last bit of water out so the skeeters don't have a home.” – Douglass Weymouth

“I used the Slide-n-Pump to move water from my water feature to lower ground.  It worked very well for this task.  I also used it to remove standing water from a heavy bird-bath.  Both tasks were handled easily.” – Karin Jelavich

“Very effective and easy to use.” – Cheryl Rector

“I think this product is great. Because of having RA in both of my wrists, many times I cannot pick up or carry a lot of weight. This product is very light, very easy to use and works great. It also has the added advantage of not having to worry with batteries or plug in cords.” – Corlis Duncan

“I recommend the Slide-N-Pump to anyone who has to remove any amount of water to another location.” – Mary Davidson

“This pump is superior to any other hand-pump in its price-range. Hands down.” – Larry Neal

“Everyone should have this pump in their home. It’s easy to use and pumps water quickly with no mess.” – Craig Ullery

“An easy to use pump to move water from one area to another. Very useful when no external power source is available.  I used it to remove water from a toilet I was going to replace.” – Jeff Case

“The Slide-N-Pump is extremely easy to use. We’ve had some very heavy rains in California the past couple of months and I had several areas in my yard that had standing water. The Slide-N-Pump made quick work of emptying those areas of the extra water. I’ve got an old hand crank pump that I used to use for removing the water and it took forever to drain the water. In no time, the Slide-N-Pump got the job done with very little effort. Next I tried it out on my water bed. In the past, I’ve had to rely on an electrical pump to drain the bed. Once I primed the Slide-N-Pump and got it to start siphoning the water, it worked exactly as advertised. No need for an expensive electric pump anymore! Overall, I am very impressed with this product, its design and functionality! If you’ve got the need for a portable and easy to use water pump, this is your tool.” – Leland Hill

“The very next day after receiving this product to test I started a bathroom tile job. I probably would not have thought to use the pump to drain the toilet if it wasn't for the picture on the packaging. I did use it and was pleasantly surprised by how powerful this little pump was. It sucked out almost every last drop of water in just a few pumps. Thus leaving the toilet free from potential spills as it was moved. This is a definite part of my plumbing kit from now on.” – Curt Nuenke

“It is a quick and easy way to move water. Lightweight and easy to use.” –Leon Werner

“I had a rather substantial amount of standing water in my John Boat. I was not able to remove the drain plug and used the Slide-N-Pump with great success in getting the water out.” – Bill St. Coeur

“I am president of a 210-unit condominium.  I gave the Slide-N-Pump to our maintenance man to try out.  Don't think I'll get it back - he loves it.  Our building has frequent water problems with toilet -tank repairs and water heater replacements.  This pump can be carried easily in his tool "bucket" and can be used anywhere.  One owner already noticed it and said he might want one to use as a back-up bilge pump.  My maintenance man said he'd keep it "stored" for me!” – Robert Lane

“I use it to empty my SPA by connecting a 50ft garden hose at one end and the other end in the SPA and it was easy to get it primed. After it started flowing, I let gravity finish the job. Priming was very easy even if the pump was 50ft away from the water source.” – Stephane Tessier

“As an avid hydroponic gardener, the slide and pump is a real time saver for the transfer of nutrients from storage tanks to growing systems.” – Ed Beard

“This product is very versatile and easy to use.  Pumps a good amount of fluid with little effort.” – Chad Cox

“The Slide-n-Pump exceeded my expectations. I have a problem with water in my basement from time to time, and have dug a hole to keep the water from running out onto the floor of my basement shop. Once in a while I have to empty this hole, and the pump-n-save made it easy for me to remove the water without having to get out the wet-vac.” – Russ Brown, Sr.

“The Slide-N-Pump is an excellent and convenient tool for any handyman, professional or even homeowner. I responded to two plumbing calls since I received it and it was awesome. I used it to pump the fluid from a bathtub after the house’s main sewer line blocked and the tub backed up.” – Clive Young

“I used my Slide-N-Pump on several projects. The siphon-action made emptying standing water from my boat a snap. And the strong pump action made emptying my pond for cleaning a breeze. This sturdy product is well worth having.” – Harold Sauer

“The Slide-N-Pump is a handy pump.  It is easy to use and is small enough that you can carry it easily in a large toolbox.  Great siphon starter.  Excellent to transfer garden chemicals in larger quantities.” – David Vogelpohl

“This was the easiest pump I have ever used. It is very self-explanatory as to how to use it. Also this pump has more than enough suction and discharge to move whatever you need to move. I tried to use it on my salt water aquarium, to do a water and salt change. It usually takes me about 45 minutes to drain the water with a hose and a large bucket, then you have to mix the salt with fresh water and then when the salt is completely dissolved you start to put it back in to the tank. We used to have to siphon the water back in to the tank by using gravity. But now, all I have to do is push the pump handle back and forth and in a matter of about 10 minutes I had 20 gallons of fresh salt water pumped back into the tank and it takes me a total of about 20 minutes to do the whole water change.” – Eric Thomeson

“The Slide-N-Pump beats the heck out of the old bucket brigade or the ‘suck on the end of the hose to get the siphon started’ water moving project.” – James Quinn


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